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Oh, great. THIS guy.

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Ben Deily (copywriter, songwriter/musician)

Before deciding to waste his life in advertising, Ben was the original co-founder, songwriter, lead singer and guitarist for the band LEMONHEADS--starring in their ridiculously low-budget debut video on MTV's "120 minutes."

Since leaving the band to return to college and make a bid for the straight life, Ben has worked as a copywriter and Associate Creative Director at a gamut of agencies from the very large (Grey Worldwide/SF, McCann Worldgroup) to the rather small (ZF&P, a boutique founded by former Hal Riney alum).

Along the way his radio work has won some cool awards like CLIOs (four, but who's counting?), Addys and the like, and been featured in the Communication Arts Advertising Annual--arguably the most prestigious advertising book around, Ben insists, on account of it's so darned thin.

Oh, and lest you think he's completely lost his musical way, his band VARSITY DRAG recently released their debut CD and completed a European tour. So he's got THAT to cling to, at least.

And he's posturepedic, too.

Jonno Deily (songwriter/composer, writer, musician)

Although Jonno did do a brief stint at age 15 in the LEMONHEADS (drumming at our first Knitting Factory show in NYC), his professional music career started much earlier with the band Minimum Wage, a project launched when he was a mere Hanson-esque 12 years old.

Since then, besides completing his classical training from the Walnut Hill School for the Performing Arts and earning a degree in music (along with classmate Rivers Cuomo) from Harvard University, Jonno--before the apocalypse of Hurricane Katrina--was making his living performing five nights a week on Bourbon Street, at legendary "dueling pianos" bar Howl At The Moon.

Along the way, he's always found time to help big brother Ben score the occasional radio or TV spot. Ben grudgingly attributes a significant amount of his success to this fact. But never in front of Jonno.

Jonno is also a voice talent and a member of AFTRA.

This dance ain't 4 everybody...

Lisa Deily (producer, writer, musician)

The newest member of the outfit (and of the Clan Deily) comes to us originally from Chicago, where she worked at stations such as The SCORE and seminal indie-rock outlet WXRT--while also finding the time to work as a club DJ on Rush Street during the weekends.

She spent much of the next decade in Los Angeles where she had the pleasure of--among other things--appearing as an actress in an eccentric variety of television and film (an accident victim on ER, getting Kenny Rodger's broasted chicken thrown on her on MAD TV, a swing-dancing beauty in Michael Bay's otherwise ghastly "Pearl Harbor"), as well as spending most days running the back end of a busy editorial and production facility.

Never one to rest on her laurels, Lisa is also the self-taught bass player in Varsity Drag. This has taught her an almost preternatural tolerance for Ben's antics.

Lisa is also a working voice talent and a member of the Screen Actors Guild.

Our founder.

Xander Harris "Jones" Deily (resident bear, chief creative officer)

'Nuff said.

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