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March 4th 2007
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¡Curmudgeonista! / RADIO SANDWICH

Austrians show love: CLICK FOR VIDEO!
Tearin' in up in Vienna. (UPI)

(Click on right picture for new VIDEO!)

Make it out to, uh...THIS guy. (Awesome fans in Spain.)

Ben Lauds European Union for "Impeccable Musical Taste."

2007 Varsity Drag tour yields zany fun, endless hours of video,
multiple cases of black lung.

It's all for the kids, after all: the 'Drag & UK fans in Birmingham. (AP)

Well, we're back. We've got about 2000 pictures and 26 hours of digi-video footage, and THAT's gonna take a while to sort out. (There's few newly-liberated clips just below.) :-) But when we finally do, it should yield enough decent concert footage and "Spinal Tap" style antics to please even the most jaded viewer.

Here's some stuff from the Hamburg show on the last week of the tour:

7 Powers


Skinny Ties

Miles of Ocean

Meanwhile--while we wait for the full-fledged "rock-u-mentary" (next year in Jerusalem) please see the TOUR DIARY,(soon to be migrated here, with addition of pictures) that spans January 18 to February 22...

Fan-shot-&-created YouTube clips:
Billy Ruane, LIVE in Barcelona, Spain
Skinny Ties, LIVE in Bremen, Germany
Anyway, LIVE in Cambridge, UK
Still more news & clips below...


IN OTHER NEWS: Deily "Bearish" on Stateside Music Fans

"Bearded, like a G-dless foreigner." (UPI)

BOSTON, MA--Upon setting foot on American soil once more here at Boston's Logan International Airport, former C-list "rockstar" Ben Deily was heard to mutter: "Good to be back here...ya worthless, tasteless savages."

"Hah. I'd take one Spaniard or German over a truckload of you Brittany-obsessing, America's-best-top-sucking miserable pinheaded insipid vulgar barbarian philistines...[inaudible]..."

Analysts conclude that Deily was pleased by his reception on a recently-completed 25-city European tour with current musical ensemble VARSITY DRAG--and perhaps concomitantly dispirited at the current state of domestic music and music fans back in the United States.

Spying a gaggle of youth by the baggage claim area, Deily exclaimed "As I live and breath! What are you all doing out and about...has the eastern seaboard lost power? Was the Wii recalled? Have your Matrix-pods vomited you out or something?"

Cupping his hands to approximate a bullhorn, the highly crotchety aging "musician" continued: "Please return to your electronic porch rockers and resume whittling, and waiting to die of morbid obesity. There's nothing to see out here."

(Deily says there are no immediate plans for a North American tour.)

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NEW! Fan video courtesy of the cats at the Rincon Pio Sound in Don Benito:

Crowd demands an encore--band tries to speak Spanish :-)

"Anyway," ending:

"Knife," ending:

"My Neighbor Works for Goodby":

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