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June 4, 2006
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WEEK OF JUNE 4th, 2006

Release of Varsity Drag's "For Crying Out Loud" Continues Band's Slow-Motion Ascent to Rock Stardom.

Worth the wait? Unquestionably maybe. (AP)

"At this rate, the cover of SPIN is mere decades away," declares Deily.

LONDON--In a continuation of their geologically-paced rise to domination of the music world, indie-rock unknowns Varsity Drag--a four-piece, West coast-based pop-punk outfit featuring former Lemonheads founder Ben Deily--today announced the release of their debut CD "for crying out loud." The CD is being released on the UK-based label Boss Tuneage and European label Underhill. The album will also be available on 10" colored vinyl, with a bonus track.

The release was reportedly delayed a matter of months--some say years--by Deily's apparent inability to provide the long-suffering Boss Tuneage label with such basic assets as the actual audio recordings and cover art. "Yeah, that was totally my bad," acknowledged Deily. "I kept planning to get around to it. I mean, it's not every day that all you have to do to get your record released is, like, send a couple of CDs to England. I just kept, um, spacing it."

"I swear, I left a note on the refrigerator and everything," added an increasingly defensive Deily. "I'll bet you forget stuff sometimes, too."


"Man, that f___ing guy Ben...hoo boy," offered a smiling Will Anderson, Varsity Drag co-founder and bass player. "I love him, but seriously. Not someone to rely on for time-sensitive matters. Glad we weren't waiting on him for a kidney transplant, or something. Sheesh."

Other Varsity Drag members conceded that the band as a whole has not been exactly a powerhouse of determination in its assault on the charts. "OK, yeah, we've been a little slow off the mark," acknowledged guitarist/co-vocalist Greg Randall. "And to be fair to Ben, it's not like the rest of us lifted a finger. We kinda left all the details to him."

Continuing at their current rate of momentum, Deily predicts a Varsity Drag European tour to commence no later than "say, 2008 or so," with a follow-up CD due "sometime the following decade. Give or take."

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