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UPDATED for fall 2006

2005 Playlist archive

2006 Playlist archive

I don't know about you, but when I'm visiting friends -- an analogy which I hope holds for stopping by bendeily.com -- I always make a beeline for the bookshelf (or record collection, video pile, etc.), to see what's occupying the minds, eyes and ears of my loved ones. If you share my curiosity, here's what I'm alternately slogging and joyously skipping through at the moment.

(In no particular order, except the subconscious):


picture perfect, brand new EP
viva voce, lovers, lead the way!
viva voce, Get yr blood sucked out
The Andy Peters Show (unavailable. Like, anywhere. WTF? Ask Bob Spector for one.)

rebekah higgs, listen right now on MySpace...you should
tom daily, the death of...
tom daily, the burlington northern
tom daily, happily deceiving culture

jonathan richman, like crazy, for some reason
creeper lagoon, I become small and go
the dents, time for biting
the randies, saw the light
motorhead...all that I can...
grant lee buffalo, fuzzy
grant lee buffalo, mighty joe moon
talking heads, fear of music
talking heads, little creatures
bruce springsteen, darkness on the edge of town
bruce springsteen, The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle
bryan ferry, Bęte Noire
bullet laVolta, the gun didn't know I was loaded
gladiola, let the notes go free
helium, pirate prude
drive like jehu, yank crime
the rainman suite, losing with style
all manner of thing on MySpace, actually...
joe jack talcum
system of a down...
the freeze, land of the lost
versus, secret swingers
barry white, greatest hits


DEADWOOD. Deadwood, Deadwood. Season 1 and 2.


SIX FEET UNDER. season 4
Battlestar Galactica.
(Still waiting for the SHIELD . January seems a long way off.
And shit, I'll be in Yerp, come to think of it. Damn...)


silvia plath, ariel
joseph lease, human rights

joseph lease, the room

The New Yorker. Pretty much exclusively, in the print realm.
LOTS on the stupid, stupid interweb.

almost blue