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If there is anyone
who reads this foolishness,
do not fall back in horror...
- Catullus

Dear Reader -

First of all, thanks for coming.

Ben Deily has been called a "scholar-gypsy," "the third guy from the left," "hey you, numbnuts," and "a flight risk." He's also the co-founder, with Evan Dando, of the 80s and 90s "alternative" band LEMONHEADS, which is probably why you're here.

But hey, this is bendeily.com, and we do what we like. So while--sure--you'll find a bunch of music MP3s and pictures of people waving guitars around, you'll also find a pile of poems, some of Ben's multiple-award-winning advertising "work," random lists of nonsense, and our NEWS page--a shameless pastiche that lets Ben comment on the world around us, and talk about himself in the third person. And that's always fun.

Best of all, now--with the mere click of a few buttons--you can buy a couple of frequently-requested (but previously rare or unavailable) CD and vinyl editions of his music.

So wander around. Set a spell. Drop us a line at HOLLA BACK, if yer so inclined.


I remain, most sincerely

yr humble servant

P.S.: Below is a "snapshot" of where the site is at--it's as good a guide as any to what's rattling around up here at the moment.


* Mirthless Laughter of the Damned.
See "What's That Sound? Why, it's MLOD," (click, then scroll down for it...).

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