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¡Curmudgeonista! / RADIO SANDWICH

Austria. Gotta love the fog machine.

I hate music--
it's got too many notes...
- The Replacements

Uh, I've kinda been in a bunch of bands.

Seems there was (the) Lemonheads. (Which was also the Whelps, briefly.)

Before that, there was a band called "Useless," with punk-rock-Johnny-Appleseed Patrick Amory, and my pal George Boulukos.. And Kate from WHRB.

And before THAT there was, I could swear, a short-lived band called The Disciples of Ruben Kincade...with some skaters from Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School...

But anyway.

Below you'll find a quick overview of (and links to) the bands you'll find here:

In Wales, UK, 2009.

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varsity drag

Live at PARADISE, San Francisco...WTF with the shiny shirt?

Stalkers make the best bandmates. These scamps from a band called UNBALANCED tracked me over the internet, got me to one of their shows (I was blown away), and eventually got me on stage and in the studio for the first time in years.

Our many collaborators included the legendary but prone-to-vanishing Pat Spurgeon (ANTENNA, ROGUE WAVE) and the once and future Bob Spector (THE SPECS, ZACHARIAH, BRITTANY SHANE), a musical nation unto himself.

These days the 'Drag encompasses such luminaries as steady collaborator Josh Pickering (PODS, Kodachrome, Populuxe) and none other than my own wife, Lisa Marie. What can we say? She's slumming.

>> next stop, them varsity dragsters.

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Early 90s, post-L-heads weekend warriorship--courtesy of my ultra-talented kid brother Jonno (occasional Lemonheads fill-in drummer, c. age 15).

We had, like, four top ten local hits in Boston on the commercial "alternative" station. Got played by the UK's legendary John Peel when someone (not us) sent him our record. Too bad we never bothered to drag our asses out of Boston and promote ourselves.

Oh well. We're planning another record sometime before the, um, end of time. Fingers crossed.

>> hold onto your butt, chewbud: enter the world of PODS

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Evan and me, c. 1985.

Green Street Station, c. 1987


Well, if you've made it to this far, I don't suppose any explanation is required. There we is.

It started with just me and Ev in a high school basement--but through his genius for songwriting and, eventually, rather disingenuous self-promotion, we ended up as a minor household word. Well, that and the tireless efforts of a few other worthies, such as Jesse, Doug, John Strohm and, er, many more. It was rather surreal to find 3 of my songs as the ones singled out for praise when MOJO magazine declared one of our records to be among "the 77 best punk albums ever."

In toto, my tour of duty included the pre-founding (and founding), the first EP, and the first 3 LPs. Other than not having been paid a dime in 10 years, I got no complaints.



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