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¡Curmudgeonista! / RADIO SANDWICH

HEY, UM. THIS SITE IS TOO OUT-OF-DATE TO BOTHER WITH...why are you still here? Until we get time to fix it, go visit Ben's real site(s):


Who the heck are you, son?

Ben Deily was born in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Just TRY spelling that in one of those crossword-puzzle-type forms they give you at the DMV. Go ahead. Try.

Ben Deily has been in a few bands. Yep, including the Lemonheads, which he co-founded.

Ben Deily means you no harm.

Ben Deily will seemingly eat or drink almost anything that's colored blue. No one is quite sure why.

Ben Deily seems inordinately preoccupied with a being regular ol' grown-up-type, professional person. With one of those leather-top desk, like you see in "executive" catalogues. It's all he ever wanted. Since he was very little. See "Irony."

Ben Deily once rode on, and sang to, an elephant. In Southeast Asia. For many hours. (The elephant--whose name was pronounced "Bohn"--seemed to enjoy it, because whenever Ben stopped singing, the elephant would whack Ben with his ears until Ben started singing again. When Ben ran out of Vietnamese folk songs he had learned from the monks and nuns of Plum Village, he switched over to show tunes. True story.)

Ben Deily was almost named "Robert."

Ben Deily hopes you won't attempt to draw too many conclusions about Ben Deily, because, cripes, you wouldn't want him doing that to YOU, would you? I mean, he doesn't even know you.

Ben Deily is really glad you made it. Nice to see you. :-)

Ben & spouse Lisa rockin' the Cymraeg outta Cardiff, Wales, fall 2009.

Is Ben Deily still playing music?

It's been known to happen. Matter of fact, his band Varsity Drag completed a li'l ol' 25-city European tour not too long ago...and made our NYC debut this last year sharing a bill with the Lemonheads, and JUST finished a whirlwind autumn UK tour, not to mention releasing both a live and a studio album in '09 thanks our beloved label, BossTuneage.

Woo-hoo! I mean, D'OH!

UPDATE 2013: Also, looks like Ben is going to make another Lemonheads album sometime soon. Go figure.

These crazy kids today.

Er, so...what did Ben decide to do with his life anyway, after quitting "that band?"

Bizarrely enough, he pursued his childhood dream of working in advertising. (Don't ask me, man, I can't explain it either.)

Have a look at his resume, if you want.


Where can I buy CDs?

CLICK HERE to order Varsity Drag CDs, vinyl and other fun stuff...

Oh, and as for LEMONHEADS stuff...
As I have mentioned before in this space, I haven't been paid one thin dime by TAANG! records for more than a decade. They, however, apparently continue to merrily sell records and CDs with my songs on them, heck, even a T-shirt with my face on it. Oi.

UPDATE, 11/09: Curtis just sent us some dough! According to a reliable source, it's something like 1/10th of what is probably owed to me...but hey, in the Deily Clan, we don't look a gift horse in the mouth. And you'll be pleased to know, the entire amount went directly to Cambridge Fall property taxes and to pay 1/3 of a month's healthcare premiums. Um, can we have some health reform, please?

Anyway, I can't say you shouldn't buy the stuff, because I like most of it in a kind of nostalgic, teen-angst way. Apparently, some of you share my opinion:

>>MOJO names "HYF" one of the "Best 77 Punk Albums Ever" :-)

>>(An AMAZON.COM buyer speaks out, flatteringly)

>>(The crankiest punk of them all weighs in...)

So, if you're feeling the love but don't have the dough, EMAIL ME AND I'LL FIND A WAY TO FTP YOU ANY OF THE OLD CATALOGUE THAT YOU WANT, in MP3 form.

As ol' Stewart Brand told us...information wants to be free, folks.


What do you feel like eating for dinner?

I dunno...what do you want?

So, uh...what should I do with my life?

"Give alms to all who ask; argue not concerning God."
- Walt Whitman

2. THE SLIGHTLY LONGER (but well worth it) VERSION:
After more than fifteen years of reading this almost every day, I can only tell you that it opens up more and more and more. And if it don't leave you stunned and grateful, you ain't reading carefully enough.

The author, Zengetsu, lays it down like I ain't NEVER heard before. Leaving, really, nothing more to say. Except thank you, Z-man.