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¡Curmudgeonista! / RADIO SANDWICH

brand new (old) PODS MP3 rarities!

In honor of the upcoming gala 10th anniversary re-issue of "where I'm calling from," we continue our ongoing series of previously unreleased reasons you should give a damn.

First: the Ben ("Creator") classic "postcard" as you've never heard it before: live with full band rock treatment:

postcard LIVE.mp3

We were covering Simon & Garfunkel before it was even LESS hip to cover Simon & Garfunkel! Yes, Jonno, Dave and I laid this one down at the poplicious Cars' SYNCRO SOUND studio in Boston before LEMONHEADS had even had a chance to do that...OTHER S & G song. And to think, they all laughed...laughed, I tells ya. Still, the guitars shoulda been way louder.

(Now it's on the freaking GARDEN STATE soundtrack...go figure.)

only living boy.MP3

This just in: a full length interview with PODS from WMBR, circa 1991. (Not for the faint of heart, or the short of bandwidth.)

WMBR interview.MP3

More rarities below, including "name in vain" -- the song that launched a thousand speculative record reviews -- live at CBGB.

name in vain (LIVE@CBGB).MP3

"bottoming out" (lou reed), live on WMBR.MP3

tag (with false start).MP3

"KISS" quip from DJ.MP3

Jonno, Dave and Ben. Cumulative age: 28.
(No, my face is not preternaturally crumpled. It's the print. Really.)

Fig.1: "band humor"
Imaginary titles for our record, then in progress...

Back when radio MEANT something, man...

I happen to know that there are HUNDREDS of pods photos out there, kids. Unfortunately (?), I don't have 'em.

IF YOU DO HAVE THEM, please submit them for immediate publication. Uh, pretty please?

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