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Below, you will find what amounts to the "virtual Varsity Drag online museum." It's all currently being polished, restored, edited and prepared for inclusion at the still-under-construction VARSITYDRAG.ORG...

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THE PAPERS: Boston's METRO paper examines the antics of America's favorite husband-and-wife rock extravaganza...>>

varsity drag discography

* [scheduled] untitled all-new studio album
(CD, digital), late 2009†

* [scheduled] "rock & roll is such a hassle: varsity drag live in europe"
(CD, digital), BOSS TUNEAGE July 2009†

* "for crying out loud" (CD, colored 10" vinyl with bonus track), BOSS TUNEAGE 2006

* "for crying out loud" CD, limited run (hand-made)

* "miles of ocean," on BOSS TUNEAGE sampler

* various bootlegs, known and unknown

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Hey! It's almost just like a real poster!

NEW! Varsity Drag TOUR news page updated with new videos, article! HAVE A LOOK >>

Um, well, it happened. It's over. Wow.
We're currently going through the video, stills, and live audio, tryin' to get it all together in an entertaining form--as soon as we do, it'll be posted up here...

Meanwhile, check out this cool review of the Cambridge, UK show:

>>review from Disposable Media (PDF):


>> Watch "skinny ties" LIVE in Hamburg


And be sure 'n' check out the TOUR DIARY entries on our MySpace blog, spanning January 18 to February 22...

Anyhoo, here was where we went:

Who loves his T-shirt? THIS guy. (Spain.)

19.01.2007 D-Frankfurt, Au
20.01.2007 D-Koeln, Tsunami Club
22.01.2007 UK-London, Islington Bar Academy
23.01.2007 UK-Exeter, Cavern Club
24.01.2007 UK-Birmingham, Bar Academy
25.01.2007 UK-Cambridge, Portland Arms
26.01.2007 UK-Wakefield, The Jockey
27.01.2007 UK-Newport, Le Pub
28.01.2007 UK-Bristol, The Junction
30.01.2007 F-Bordeaux, El Inca
01.02.2007 E-Vitoria, Kitsch Pop Club
02.02.2007 E-Barcelona, La [2]
03.02.2007 E-Don Benito, Bar Rincon Pio Sound
04.02.2007 E-Don Benito, Bar Rincon Pio Sound
06.02.2007 F-Clermont-Ferrand, L'Escapade
07.02.2007 D-Freiburg, KTS
08.02.2007 A-Innsbruck, Weekender Club
09.02.2007 A-Berg im Drautal, Q Bar
10.02.2007 A-Vienna, T‹WI
11.02.2007 D-Berlin, Wild at Heart
13.02.2007 D-Muenster, Gleis 22
14.02.2007 D-Wilhelmshaven, Kling Klang
15.02.2007 D-Hamburg, Hafenklang
16.02.2007 D-Flensburg, Volksbad
17.02.2007 D-Bremen, Tower Bar

Check out Ben's (faily) recent Lunakafe interview.

All this stuff down here, I'm getting around to it. :-)

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(The much older write-up...formatted (as ever) with the finest technology 2003 has to offer, and preserved for your edification.)
Will this d*mned scrolling never end?

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Ben 'n' Greg: dragsters in full effect.

"rock & roll
is such a hassle"

varsity drag and the great dot-com swindle

Salaries paid in stock options. Businesses launched on a swoosh logo and a bad idea. All perched on a matrix of geological fault lines that would make yer State Farm guy sweat bullets. Yes, it's San Francisco in the not-too-long-ago.

It was against this backdrop that we tumbled into being: four fellahs with everything better to do with our free time, but forced together by a collective jones for music that would not be denied. Named after a 1920's dance craze, and proudly embracing a credo of hard-won 30-something wisdom ("Rock & Roll is Such a Hassle"), we burned up the San Francisco bay area around the turn of the millennium. Our gods were the Replacements, Big Star, Beatles and Beach Boys. Our method was collaborative and free-form. Our days, of course, were numbered. [Or so we thought at the time. :-) BD, 2008]

Ian, Greg, Ben and Will

A brief aside: As has already been firmly established--by ex-girlfriends, musical collaborators and people who've loaned me money--I posses a somewhat selective memory. And sure, I'm the first to admit that my recollection and judgement can be a little hit or miss. THAT having been said, I know this much is true:

THE DRAG RULED ALL OF YER CANDY ASSES--and we might again, if you don't behave. Definitely the best live band I've ever been party to, and the most fun. Um, I guess those things are supposed to go together. (Too bad I didn't figure that out for the first decade or more of my musical "career," heh heh. Sigh.) And hey, best of all, we got a record down before everyone stopped speaking and was scattered to the four corners of the earth.


Anyhow, I have (surprisingly) little more to say on the subject. I shall let these archival photos conjure up a bit of flavah, and for the rest, let the MUSIC do the talkin'.

-- BD, Summer 2005

NB: Ahem. Needless to say, in the interim (since the above was composed) it would seem that we HAVE returned to rock said candy asses of yourne. Excelsior!

--BD, Winter 2007


words to live by

at Paradise

recording at Bob Spector's

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listen to the varsity drag, dammit:


>> skinny ties.MP3

>> billy ruane.MP3

>> miles of ocean.MP3

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YES. Your contact lenses aren't in backwards: it REALLY is...er, SORT OF is a video for our song, "hey." This is what happens when you give a guy iMovie for the first time and throw in a little spare time. Though composed entirely of animated stills and effects, I challenge you to find anything wrong with it. Except for a complete lack of artistic merit. Click below if you dare!

"hey" VIDEO.mov

Live at Club Paradise






At Cocodrie

Will Anderson: sorry, ladies...he's taken...

Greg and Will demonstrate the proper use of the Rickenbacker

Greg and Ben, about to get they 'Drag on...

recordin' with bob!



A state-of-the-art corrugated steel shed:
the secret to audio gold!

Ian prepares to thump.

I hope to see my captain face to face,/when I have crossed the (blue) bar...