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BELOW: our NYC debut, sharing a bill with the Lemonheads...  :-)

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BRAND NEW (below): throwed-together-stock-footage video for "Hammer" from our new rekkid, "night owls." Because that's how we roll.


Sat: Cambridge 3/10 The Portland Arms

With: We Rock Like Girls Don’t, Beverley Kills, Tiny Tigers and Naomi Hates Humans

Sun: Peterborough 4/10 The Park

With Vanilla Pod, Beverley Kills and the Magnificent’, Southport, Milloy etc.

Mon: Norwich 5/10 The Marquee

With the Magnificent, Beverley Kills, Jazz RTC.

Tues: Leamington Spa 6/10 The Robbins Well

With the Magnificent + 1 TBA

Wed: Cardiff 7/10 Clwb Ilfor Bach

With the Magnificent, Bedford Falls.

Thurs: Midsomer Norton(Bristol) 8/10

With The Magnificent.

Fri: Leeds 9/10 The Packhorse

With Millions(USA), Magnificent + more.

Sat: London 10/10 The Windmill

With Millions (USA), Attack! Vipers! The Magnificent, Lights Out! (Germany) North Lincoln (USA) and more. Lloyd’s 40th birthday party!

Sun: Cambridge 11/10 The Portland Arms

Ben Deily acoustic set with Magnificent, North Lincoln (USA), Damn This Town and more (matinee show)

CHECK OUT a rather nice (and honest) review! :-)

"Rock & Roll Is Such a Hassle: VARSITY DRAG Live in Europe"

"...Hassle is a career-spanning retrospective of surprising coherence covering 20 years and Deily is still full of a nervous energy that continues to manifest itself in sharp, driving songs and vibrant live sets...an exceptional, consistent, sweaty, bier-soaked, raw-as-the-day-it-was-made, warts-and-all you-are-there document."
-- ClickyClicky Music Blog

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>>PICTURES from our June show with THE LEMONHEADS at Bowery Ballroom, NYC!

>>REVIEWED! Our most recent-ish (?) Cambridge show...

>>NEW MP3s! Live 'n' unplugged on WAAF...

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Ben 'n' Lisa let loose at T.T. the Bear's, 2008

Still Noisy
After All These Years

Varsity Drag and the persistence of rawk

Take one cranky, irascible former B-list punk rock star...add a long list of willing co-conspirators and one very patient, long-suffering spouse...and you got the latest reason to avoid rock venues all over the free world.

Yep, it's all true: Varsity Drag represents the latest free-form Deily-based musical enterprise, rooted in the pre-grunge pop punk and "alternative" (back when there was such a thing) music of our collective youth, and hurled with cheerful defiance at the new millennium.

With origins shrouded in the not-terribly-distant haze of the San Francisco Bay area, in the last few years we've been doggedly pursued by a UK record label who kindly insisted on putting out our record, got ourselves distributed all over the world, and found ourselves careening off on a 25-city European tour--all without quitting our day jobs.

Cantab Lounge, Boston. 2008.

We play our own new tunes. We play my tunes from the old (heretofore retired) TAANG!-era Lemonheads catalogue. We play any kinda nonsense we can get away with.

The current lineup consists of yours truly, my hyper-talented wife (and the band's only Screen Actor's Guild member) Lisa, and long-time collaborator Josh Pickering (PODS, Kodachrome, and Populuxe--practically my fave band, like, EVER--to name a few). Past members have included Greg Randall and Will Anderson (Unbalanced), Pat Spurgeon (Rogue Wave, Antenna), Ian G. Miller (Splayed Innards), Andrew Perfetto (Zug Zug), Bob Spector (The Specs, Zachariah)...not to mention former Lemonheads-fill-in drummer and kid brother Jonno.

Cutting a rug at the Midway, Boston MA.

Amongst the other items we've tossed up here for yer enjoyment, you'll find the fractured remains of a Varsity Drag "history," lotsa photos, and some MP3s for download. And up here, you get my solemn promise to organize this better one of these days. Meanwhile, the MySpace page is always current, some various videos are on YouTube, and we're still waiting for some enterprising soul to create a wikipedia page to accompany the growing number of references to us ...

For the nonce, prepare to scroll!

--BD, Spring 2008

At CHURCH, Friday the 13th. June 2008.

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